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**[[GTA3:PC Cheats|PC Cheats]] **[[GTA3:PC Cheats|PC Cheats]]
**[[GTA3:PS2 Cheats|PS2 Cheats]] **[[GTA3:PS2 Cheats|PS2 Cheats]]
- +**[[GTA3:Xbox Cheats|Xbox Cheats]]
*'''Walkthrough''' *'''Walkthrough'''
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**[[IRC]] **[[IRC]]
**[[Fan Sites]] **[[Fan Sites]]
-**[[San Andreas:Tattoos|Tattoos]] 
-**[[San Andreas:Haircuts|Haircuts]] 
-**[[San Andreas:Clothes|Clothes]] 
*'''Links''' *'''Links'''
-**[ Official Site]+**[ Official Site]
**[ Rockstar Games] **[ Rockstar Games]
**[ Rockstar North] **[ Rockstar North]
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|- |-
|class="table_g"| |class="table_g"|
*'''Title:''' Grand Theft Auto III *'''Title:''' Grand Theft Auto III
*'''Released:''' *'''Released:'''
-** '''PlayStation 2:''' October 26th, 2004 +** '''PlayStation 2:''' October 22nd, 2001
-** '''PC:''' June 7th, 2005+** '''PC:''' May 20th, 2002
-*'''Official Website:''' []+** '''Xbox:''' Oct 19th, 2005
 +*'''Official Website:''' []
*'''Publisher:''' [[Take2 Interactive]] *'''Publisher:''' [[Take2 Interactive]]
*'''Developer:''' [[Rockstar North]] *'''Developer:''' [[Rockstar North]]
-*'''Rating:''' RP (Rating Pending)+*'''Rating:''' M (Mature)
|- |-

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